Why Numerology Is Becoming Popular

At one time or another everyone has noticed odd number coincidences like seeing the same figures several times in a day or noticing repeated sequences like, “111”. Most people just shrug the events off. However, many others believe that numbers have meanings and can even impact how lives play out. The practice of reading numbers is known as numerology and is very old. Today there are hundreds of sources where anyone can learn to use their birth dates to get number-based guidance.

Studying Numbers Is an Ancient Art

Historians are not sure exactly when the study of numbers became popular, but ancient Babylonian and Egyptian writings mention it. Numbers also played an important part in the lives of many Romans, Greeks, Chinese and Japanese. Pythagoras, a Greek scholar, is usually given credit for the numbers-related practices common today. In addition, the Internet now provides information that has fueled a growing fascination with the meaning of numbers.

Numbers Impact Humans From Birth

Those who study the meanings of numbers believe that each person’s birthday is the key to their life path. Everyone’s life path number dictates their personality and traits. The numbers formed from a birth date also outline each individual’s challenges and opportunities. Anyone can calculate their life path number by adding the numbers in their birth date. For instance, April 4th 1992 is 4 + 4 = 8. (1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 21, 2 + 1 = 3) Then just add: 8 + 3 = 11. The final number, 11, is the life path number and considered a powerful master figure.

There Several Ways to Calculate Important Numbers

Many people rely on numerologists to provide insight into the meaning of personal numbers, but anyone can go online and find resources that offer information. For example, sites like thelawofattraction.com include links to reports that provide meanings for numbers from 0 to 9. Visitors can also learn to calculate their sun, expression, and hidden passion numbers.

Millions of people are interested in the ancient study of numbers, a practice that civilizations once depended on for life guidance. Today anyone can use the Internet to get information and even personal reports based on their personal numbers.