All You Should Know About Codependency

Co-dependency is a learned behavior which can be passed down as of one generation to one more. It is a behavioral and emotional condition that affects a person’s ability to have a strong, mutually satisfying relationship.

This is also known as “relationship addiction” for the reason that people with co-dependency frequently form or maintain relationships which are one-sided, expressively destructive and/or unmannerly.

The ailment was first identified about 10years ago as the consequence of years of learning interpersonal relationships in relations of alcoholics. This behavior is learned by viewing and imitating other family associates who display this kind of behavior.

Loving an addict can help the addict to leave the habit.

Co-dependency along with Drug Abuse

Co-dependency is normally found in those who have nearby relationships to individuals who skirmish with addiction. This can manifest in several ways:

  • Partners who are together abusing drugs
  • Nearby adult family members otherwise significant
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