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The Pros and Cons of Using a Bow Versus a Gun

What if there were no grocery stores. To get food you would have to go hunting. Therefore, given a choice between a gun and a bow which one would you choose? Real survivalists will choose a bow over a gun. You need to gather more information on the benefits and limitations of bows and guns to determine the one to pick. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of picking a bow.

You will discover that bows are ideal for never running out of ammo. It is simple to collect the arrows and re-use them, and you can make them out of almost anything.

The other benefit of choosing a bow is for not making too much noise. Hence, why a bow is perfect for hunting.

Bows offer you multiple uses. For example, you can use a bow to start a fire.

You can make the bow yourself. It is easy to make a bow anyone can do it.

You will improve other skills when using a bow. For example, shooting arrows will improve your eye-hand coordination and strengthen your muscles growth.

The primary limitation of the bow is the low power rate. It is hard to bring a big animal down with an arrow.

You will have a hard time learning how to shoot an arrow using a bow. It require a lot of consistent practice to learn how to hit the target with an arrow.

The other limitation of the bow is that it is only effective with low range targets.

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The gun is ideal for having high power. You will easily bring even big animals down with a gun.

The ease of learning is the other benefit of choosing a gun.

You can shoot things in a long range using a gun.

Limited ammunition is the first major drawback of choosing a gun. Every bullet counts when using a gun because it is difficult to recycle.

The other limitation of picking a gun is having to clean it. You will need to learn more about how to clean a gun and purchase the cleaning kit.

Guns are also limited for being too loud. The loud sound of the gunshot will scare away the animals when hunting.

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